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Image Advertising ★ $20 per 1,000 Impressions

Space 1: 728x90 pixels (Banner ad appears in website header on every page)

Space 2: 400x400 pixels (Square ad appears as pop-up in the middle of every page)

Your advertisements will appear in both of the above locations for the duration of the campaign. Ad space is purchased by impression. An impression is counted every time a visitor to Marblehead Beacon views your ad. Impressions are purchased in multiples of 1,000, with a 1,000 impression minimum. A typical ad purchase is 20,000 impressions.


Advertorial ★ $1,000
Includes in-depth interview and professionally written article about your business to be promoted on our social media feed, front page, and newsletter. Article will be between 600 and 700 words and will appear on our site in regular article rotation.


Sponsorship ★ $400 per month
Sponsor information and advertisement will appear on all pages related to a particular subsection of the website. For example, real estate agencies might sponsor the real estate transactions page, while home security providers might sponsor the police logs.


Advertisement Design ★ $100
Marblehead Beacon will oversee your ad design based on information you provide. You will be offered a selection of ad options in both the 728x90 and the 400x400 pixel size.


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★ More than 2,000 daily views and over 75% community readership

★ Targeted Marblehead audience

★ Impression-based pricing so you pay only when your ad is actually viewed

★ Detailed analytics regarding ad performance

★ Turnkey solution with ad design options provided by Marblehead Beacon



★ Founded and run by citizen journalists who live in Marblehead and are dedicated to our community’s well being
★ Comprehensive local news pertaining to government, education, politics, and culture
★ Commitment to non-partisanship, accuracy, and professionalism with a focus on ethical, high-quality news coverage
★ Demonstrated willingness to pursue important questions about transparency and good governance
★ Coverage that includes everything from serious policy analysis and local meeting reports to human-interest profiles and access to the Marblehead emergency scanner