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I heard an unfamiliar noise outside - it was music to my ears

I was sitting at my computer reading the news and drinking coffee one morning this week when my cats and I heard an unfamiliar noise outside. It sounded like thin metal clinking. Followed by a gentle scritch, scritch, scritch. I glanced out the window to see the landscapers manicuring the yard next door - with rakes. It was music to my ears.

After years of shutting windows all summer to block the obnoxious noise of gas powered leaf blowers, I can finally hear birds chatting, the leaves rustling before a storm, chipmunks battling for territory. It sounds like summer. And I can air out my house before another New England winter and still hear my husband calling from the next room.

I want to extend a heartfelt thanks to the people who brought us this gas powered leaf blower ban. I know it took dedicated work over years to accomplish. I know people got nasty about it. But by sticking with it you have transformed summer for me and countless others who have been forced to live with the earsplitting noise for years.

Thank you, also, to the people of Marblehead who voted, multiple times!, for this ban.

Elizabeth Lutwak

Robert Road