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Marblehead Beacon Teacher Appreciation Week Concludes

With Marblehead Beacon’s Teacher Appreciation Week celebration reaching its conclusion today,  we wanted to highlight all of the teachers who were nominated and share a small selection of the commentary submitted by the parents and students who took the time to write to us about these special educators.  Thank you so much to all those who participated either as a nominator or as an interviewee. While we are sorry that we couldn’t offer in-depth interviews to all of our nominated teachers, we join the Marblehead community in honoring all of our educators for the important work they do in our classrooms every day.  


Natalie Belli - Marblehead Village School

Grade 5, English and Social Studies

“Years later, my kids still tell stories about what they learned in Mrs. Bell's class. She instills a palpable excitement into every lesson and inspires her students to explore new ways of thinking about the world.”


Sara Berkowtiz - Marblehead High School

Grades 9-12, Culinary Arts, Senior Class Advisor

“Ms. Berkowitz is not only a calm and patient teacher, but she is a friend to all of the kids who come through her doors.”


“She is a constant ally in a building full of teachers and deserves to be recognized.” 


Leah Bordieri -  Marblehead High School

Grades 9-12, Photography 

“Ms. Bordieri is super dedicated to her students and has really been an encouraging influence…she is great about seeking out opportunities for her students.” 


“Because of Ms. Bordieri’s hard work and dedication, our daughter has been able to exhibit work in multiple galleries on the local and state levels.”


Henry Christenson - Marblehead High School

Grades 9-12, Video and TV Production

Mr. Christenson “does a tremendous job engaging students in video production. He indulges and encourages their creativity in his very laid back but supportive style.”


“He made a cameo appearance in my daughter’s video…he’s just created a tight knit group of kids.”


Michael Giardi - Marblehead High School

Grades 9-12, Math, Athletics

Mr. Giardi has all the qualities that a teacher should have. It is obvious how passionate he is about what he teaches and truly wants all of his students to succeed.”


“I was on extended medical leave…Mr. Giardi was understanding and patient as he taught me the topics that I missed.”


Diane Gora - Marblehead Glover School

1st Grade

Being new to the Marblehead district, we were very fortunate to have our child placed with Ms. Gora.  We were worried with challenges that the pandemic caused to our child. She was not at grade level coming into 1st grade. Not only did Ms. Gora, get her to where she needed to be, but she also gave her the love for reading, built her confidence and created a classroom that was like a family!”


Cara Herendeen - Marblehead Brown School


“I think she is always thinking a few steps ahead.”


My son “doesn’t like walking in by himself. Ms. Herendeen has a fifth sense for this and always greets him with a big and happy hug, and he’s over it in seconds. She and her aid instill so much confidence that they care about our kids as much as we do.”


Deanna Jackson - Marblehead Brown School


 “Not only does Ms. Jackson rise to meet the demands of these children, she approaches each child in a loving and open way. She has provided optimism and hope for families and truly believes in success.”


Ms. Jackson “welcomed us with open and loving arms and made my son feel accepted and included from day one.”


Alexandra Marques - Marblehead Glover School

Grade 2

“Ms. Marques is beyond amazing. The kids adore her. They learn so much in her class. She is organized and makes learning fun. She goes above and beyond in everything that she teaches and does.”


“She gives her students an education but also self esteem and confidence.”


Linda Mills - Marblehead Brown School

Office Staff

“She’s been a fixture in Marblehead elementary schools for years. Was always a warm welcome to students at Coffin School for years and now Brown. Kids love her, and she is sweet and kind.”


She is “always nice, caring, and helpful.”


Judith O’Flynn - Marblehead Brown School

Grade 1

“Ms. O’Flynn has gone above and beyond to help my child. She has been her rock, her comfort, her support through a crazy adjustment and learning deficit issue. I have never met a more caring, wonderful teacher.”


“Her calm, comforting, helpful, clear, kind, amazing attitude with both myself and my child are the only reason my child still likes school.”


Hannah Partyka - Marblehead Glover School

First Grade 

Ms. Partyaka “has a pocketful of fairy dust, and her students respond. When she reads a story, they are spellbound. They work hard at their seat work so they can have the thrill of showing their work to Ms. Partyaka.”


“She has a unique quality that is pure magic to observe.”


Leslie Smith Rosen - Epstein Hillel School

Grades 5-8, Language Arts, Social Studies, Theater

Ms. Rosen “has brought tremendous energy and knowledge to Epstein Hillel.”


“She is an amazing teacher that supports every student”


Andrew Scoglio - Marblehead High School

Grades 9-12, Music

“Mr. Scoglio goes out of his way for students and loves to help/connect with all the students.”


“He is super supportive and helpful, and he does so much for the music community in Marblehead that goes unrecognized.”


Miri Sharon - Epstein Hillel

Grades K-8, Pottery

“She taught the students’ grandparents the art and science of pottery. She nurtured creativity and skill mastery in all of us…we also got to spend time with our grandchildren. Ms. Sharon was absolutely beyond fantastic!”


Candice Sliney - Marblehead High School

Grades 9-12, Spanish

Ms. Sliney is an advocate for all students, a true professional with insight, and knowledge, and fairness.”


She is “inclusive of everyone, goes outside the box, and her teaching of Spanish is exceptional.”