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Marblehead parents and residents support the new School Committee

I’m surprised and yet I shouldn’t be at the reaction to the possible parting of ways from our current superintendent. After losing back-to-back overrides and watching a completely new school committee get elected from the one that originally chose Dr. Buckey, I assumed it was a fait accompli that the newly formed committee would move on from the current leadership and go in a different direction. Especially since the policies he pushed in the overrides were resoundingly rejected by the community. One of the biggest reasons the overrides failed was not a matter of money, but rather who was making the decisions on where the resources were spent. From the controversial DEI Director to the PR firm paid to write Dr. Buckey’s community correspondence, his leadership was at the center of the elections and the voters overwhelmingly voted against his agenda.  Every school committee seat that was either held by or was contested by the Superintendent's allies was lost. 


So why would anyone expect that he would remain in his position? What’s even more alarming is where the outrage is coming from. The resident who lost the last school board election by the greatest % is demanding that the current school board resign because they are simply doing their duty and enacting the agenda they were elected to. I don’t know what else to say except I support School Committee Chair Sarah Fox and the rest of the newly elected school board to do the right thing and move on from the previous leadership and put together a new administration that can not only improve our schools but also our community.


John Prindiville

Stanley Road