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Marblehead Public Schools

School Committee and Superintendent Reach Agreement

Marblehead Beacon has received a press release as follows:


The Marblehead Public School Committee and Dr John Buckey have come to an acceptable agreement resulting in his resignation as Superintendent of Schools. Dr Buckey’s resignation comes after several days of contract negotiations. Dr. Buckey deeply appreciates the opportunity to have served his community, and the Marblehead Public School Committee thanks Dr Buckey for his three plus years of service. The Committee wishes him the best as he pursues other opportunities in the field of Education.


Update 8/2/23 3 p.m.: The Settlement Agreement between Buckey and the Marblehead School Committee specifies that he will be on paid administrative leave until December 31, 2023 and will be paid in accordance with the current pay schedule through this date. He will not perform any functions as the Superintendent during this period. Any accrued vacation time available will be used during the leave period, and he will be entitled to remain on Marblehead's health insurance at the employee rate.


Buckey will also be paid a lump sum of $94,350 on January 2, 2024. 


The agreement includes a release statement whereby Buckey "does hereby remise, release, absolve, acquit and forever discharge the Marblehead Public Schools and the Marblehead School Committee (individually, and as a whole), ... from any and all actions, causes of action, suits, accounts, debts, claims, demands, controversies, and liabilities of every nature, both at law and in equity, whether known or unknown, apparent or not apparent, past or present." 


The agreement also includes a non-disparagement clause, specifying that "the parties agree they shall not disparage each other or the actions and decisions of each other, and if asked shall state publicly and privately that they have reached an amicable agreement to conclude the employment relationship." It notes that "this non-disparagement clause is a material provision of this agreement for which consideration has been exchanged" and that "the breach of the non-disparagement clause by either party shall void the release terms contained."