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Letter to the Editor

Vote Amore for Fiscal Transparency

Most people agree that our government works best with checks and balances.  In Massachusetts, we have a long history of electing fiscally conservative governors who have served as a check on our progressive legislature.  This year, voters have a chance to continue that important balance by electing a North Shore native and fiscal conservative to the State Auditor's office.


If elected, Anthony Amore will work to ensure transparency in government spending. As an investigator with 30 years of experience auditing major agencies in the federal government and the private sector, Anthony will make the Auditor's Office start working for taxpayers. The Auditor's Office currently fails to complete 30 percent of the audits it is required to do, which has led to serious failures at the Cannabis Control Commission, Department of Unemployment Assistance, and billions of tax dollars wasted or abused.


Anthony's opponent has taken $700,000 in special interest money from groups who want to influence the results of state audits next year. That's how corruption and mismanagement festers. We can't afford to have a State Auditor who is only looking out for his or her friends, not working families.


Please join me in voting for Anthony Amore for State Auditor for fiscal transparency and a check on one party rule.


Amy Carnevale

Dodge Road