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Israeli Speakers

Four Israelis to Share Stories at Marblehead JCC on Sunday

Updated 11/6/23: Please see here for a review of Sunday's presentation.


Four Israelis from different backgroundsboth Jewish and non-Jewishwill share their stories about the terrorist attack that took place in Israel on October 7 and everything that has happened in its aftermath. The event is scheduled for 12 noon at the JCC in Marblehead, located at 4 Community Road. 


Israeli SpeakersA small preview event was held on Friday afternoon in Swampscott. Jonathan Elkhoury, Yuval Teperberg, Shay Rubinstein, and Bar Suisa told stories, both heartbreaking and inspirational, but above all returned again and again to the idea that we must have hope, and we must come together to do something to ensure a better future, not just for Jews, but also for Palestinians and for all of the citizens of Israel and the world more broadly. “Everyone has to come together to support democracy, freedom, and human decency,” they said, emphasizing that the fight they are engaged in is not limited to a small area in the Middle East, but is in many ways taking place in the United States as well. 


While they are here to tell the stories so that no one forgets, they recognize that their message is not always received with welcome. They noted thatespecially on college campusesthey have sometimes been greeted with insults, even being spit on by some students walking by. But, they emphasize, “we have to keep trying,” and it is essential that this message is heard by everyone, not just the Jewish community. Yuval noted that, when Hamas entered the Nova Music Festival on the day of the attack, “they didn’t recognize who was Jewish or Christian or Muslim.” Hundreds were murdered at this festival, not just Israelis of every religion but also foreign nationals who were visiting to tour or to work. Over 200 people of every age and nationality are stillalmost a month laterbeing held as hostages in Gaza.


This event is open to the public. Please call the JCC at 857.285.7900 to RSVP. The event will be held on Sunday, November 5, 2023 at 12 noon at the Jewish Community Center at 4 Community Road in Marblehead.