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Election Coverage Recap Ahead of Tuesday

Tomorrow — Tuesday, June 20, 2023 — Marblehead voters will head to the polls to cast their ballots for thirteen races and one ballot question. The individuals running for election or reelection in five of the most competitive races were offered the opportunity to answer Marblehead Beacon’s in-depth questions pertaining to their respective campaigns, as were the committees that represent the two sides of Question One. Over the course of the past month, Marblehead Beacon has published all questions presented to the candidates, along with the answers of everyone who engaged, and for each question we offered a rationale and context.  


For those seeking a recap of our coverage, including links to all election-related stories, below is a resource with everything accessible in one place. Additionally, important quotations from all committees and candidates (including quotations gleaned from other sources, particularly in instances in which a candidate declined to answer Marblehead Beacon’s questions) may be seen here


Question One

“Vote Yes for Marblehead” Vs. “Six Percent is Too Much”

Marblehead Beacon’s Full Questionnaire with Answers


School Committee Race

Why Aren't Marblehead's Students Doing Better?

What Happens if Override Doesn't Pass?

Parents' Role in Schools


Related Topics

Superintendent Receives Three “Proficients” and Two “Needs Improvements” from School Committee

With Election Looming, School Cmte Surprise: Supt. Contract Added to June 15 Agenda

Superintendent Declines Raise or Contract Extension as Election Looms


Select Board Race

Better Governance or Good Enough Already?

Time to Revamp Appointment Process?

Override This Year And/Or Next?

Have Marblehead’s Resources Been Well Managed?


Board of Health Race

Multimillion $ Transfer Station Building Paid For But Not Delivered

How to Address Substance Abuse and Mental Health Issues


Municipal Light Department Race

Is the Peaker Plant a Good Idea?

Is It Feasible and Safe to Transition to All Electric?

Prioritizing Rates vs. Conservation vs. Maintenance


Recreation and Parks Race

Better Beach Management?

How Should a $2 Million Bequest Be Spent?

Town vs. Schools


Letters to Editor

All letters submitted to Marblehead Beacon may be seen here


Editor’s note: Jennifer Schaeffner is a founder and editor for Marblehead Beacon but has taken a leave of absence from any role with Marblehead Beacon during her campaign for School Committee.