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Unofficial Winners for Board of Health and Light Commissioner

Click here for our coverage on how last night unfolded at the polls. 

Hand counts representing the photocopied ballots voters used when the Town ran out of actual ballots yesterday afternoon have been totaled by Marblehead Beacon as of this morning. We are awaiting Town Clerk Robin Michaud’s final totals to include these. In the meantime, it appears from unofficial numbers that in the two hotly contested races, at least one incumbent has lost his seat. 


In one especially close race for two seats–Municipal Light Commissioner–the unofficial results of both hand counts and machine counts show Jean-Jacques Yarmoff edging out incumbent Walter Homan by a total of 19 votes. Michael Hull topped the ticket.


Homan: 2294 + 311 hand-counted ballot photocopied ballots = 2605

Hull: 2464 + 331 hand-counted ballot photocopied ballots = 2795

Yarmoff: 2288 + 336 hand-counted ballot photocopied ballots = 2624


In the other nail biter, Board of Health incumbent Helaine Hazlett appears to have edged out her challenger, Tom McMahon, by 118 votes.

Hazlett: 2206 + 352 hand-counted photocopied ballots = 2558

McMahon: 2126 + 277 hand-counted photocopied ballots = 2440

These results are unofficial.

Stay tuned for all final numbers.