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Banana Hammock at Beach, Mailman Struck, Kid Cyclist Hit

Police Log September 8, 2022 to September 25, 2022


September 9

Police were dispatched at approximately 8:45 AM to CVS. The manager on duty reported that she’d been told by a customer that the night before people had been hanging out on the roof of the store. Police, with the assistance of the Fire Department, climbed a ladder to the roof, where they discovered evidence of people spending time up there, including an empty beer can, but no vandalism. An electrical shed on the roof was secured. 


September 10

At approximately 12:30 PM police were dispatched to Doak’s Lane for a report from a business owner that one of his office windows had been broken, presumably by a rock or a BB. He’d had ongoing problems of trespassing and the area had been used as a cut-through to Gas House Beach. Since the windows were facing the water, they were reinforced and strong, making it unlikely the damage was from weather. The matter is being investigated. 


September 11

At approximately 4:00 PM police spoke with a male caller located at The Neck Run Cafe. He advised police that while at Devereux Beach, he’d been approached by another male who had a bathing suit on and “the rear was pulled down slightly exposing some of his back side.” This made the caller feel “uneasy.” The police walked over to where the man with the part of his rear allegedly on display was lying on a towel. He was wearing a “[S]peedo-type bathing suit” that police noted was worn as intended and covering the front and back of the man’s body. The bikini-clad male was asked if he’d spoken with the caller at any point, and he stated that he’d spoken with several people. He added that he “comes to the beach for swims and has conversations with many people throughout his stay.” He recalled no issues with anyone and said that his bathing suit had remained fully on. 


The wearer of the small bathing suit had been at Devereux Beach most of the day as well as the prior day and had been spoken to by the Harbormaster both days regarding swimming beyond channel markers. The police had responded earlier in the day for a swimmer in distress (the same individual), though it turns out he was not actually in distress. He was advised not to swim past the channel markers. 


Police spoke with several other beach goers, including those who’d interacted with the man in the Speedo-style bathing suit, and all stated that at no time had he been inappropriate or uncovered. The man noted that he was confused by the accusations. The caller seemed satisfied and left on his bike. 


September 12

At approximately 11:00 PM a resident of Point O Rocks Lane reported that a security camera had alerted her to an unknown man walking across her lawn. She showed police the footage, and they were able to see a Caucasian male in black shoes, baggy gray pants, and a baggy gray jacket. He appeared to be wearing a hat and carrying a flashlight.


Police searched the area and located a man fitting that description fishing on the Ocean Avenue causeway sea wall. He was asked if he’d been fishing near the lighthouse, and he said he’d tried to find a good spot using Google but turned around when he realized he was on private property. Police asked him for identification, and he said it was back in his car. His vehicle registration had expired in 2021, and the plates belonged to a different car and owner. His driver’s license was also expired. His vehicle was towed, and a friend came to pick him up. He received warnings about driving without a license. 


September 13

At approximately 1:40 PM police were dispatched to CVS for a report of an unwanted male customer refusing to leave. The store manager explained that the store had ongoing issues with the patron. He had attempted to get refunds on gift cards he says he purchased at CVS. The manager stated that this is a scam, and he wanted the man to leave. Police informed the man that he’d need to leave, and the man stated that he’d just purchased the gift cards and showed a receipt to police. He claimed that only half of the gift cards were activated, and he wanted his money back. A cashier confirmed that the man had paid $400 earlier that day for gift cards. The man stated that he wanted to keep the “good” cards and get a refund on the “bad” ones. The manager said he’d give him a full refund for all the cards in exchange for all the cards, and did so. Police explained to the man that he was no longer welcome in the store and needed to leave. He came back, however, and stated that he needed to pick up prescriptions at the pharmacy. He was told he could wait 10 minutes until the pharmacy reopened but that after that he needed to leave. The man stated that was ridiculous.  He had things to do, he said, and no time to wait. He left.


Police explained the process of obtaining a No Trespass order to the manager. 




At approximately 5:00 PM, police responded to a Pleasant Street home, where a caller stated that her laptop had gone missing while she’d been away on a day trip. While looking around, a police officer advised that she look in the area between her bed and the wall. The laptop was discovered there. 




At approximately 5:15 PM police spoke to a Bernard Street resident who stated that she’d had a flat tire and the mechanic found three nails in the tire. It appeared that the nails were placed there purposely. She was asked if she knew of anyone who would do that, and she said that she didn’t, but in the past there were neighbors who were upset about a boat in the road. 


September 14

At approximately 11:10 AM police were dispatched to CVS because a male had been served with a no-trespass order for his harassing behavior at the store. He was complaining that he had a prescription at CVS’s pharmacy, so police stood by as he collected the prescription.  




At approximately 1:30 PM police were dispatched to a home on Village Street where a male stated that while he was away the prior week, someone had spray painted his car while it was in his driveway. The other car in his driveway, which belonged to his daughter, was not disturbed. 




At approximately 3:15 PM police took a phone report from a woman who stated that she’d received an email claiming that her Social Security number had been compromised and suspended. She called the phone number in the email that purported to be for the Social Security Administration. An individual there connected her with someone else claiming to be from the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), who advised her that her Social Security number had been used in connection with money laundering and drug trafficking. The individual on the phone was unable to provide her with more details, but asked her to provide the exact amounts in her various bank accounts. This was the point at which she became suspicious. She told the person on the phone that she wasn’t feeling well, and he reportedly waited on the phone for her to improve. 


Police advised her to contact her bank and the credit agencies and get fraud alerts placed on her accounts. She told police she had only provided the fraudsters with the last four digits of her Social Security number and informed them that she did her banking at National Grand Bank. 




Police spoke with a Lee Street woman who said she’d misplaced her own and her mother’s wedding rings. She described them to the police and then stated that they’d also been loose on her finger lately. She said she’d keep searching in her home. 


September 15

Police on patrol noticed a motorcycle traveling in the wrong direction down the one-way Kimball Street. The motorcycle spun around, and the officer activated his blue lights and stopped the driver. When asked for his license and paperwork, the driver told police his English was not good. Police then used Google Translate, and the man stated that he did not have a license and produced a Colombian passport. Police had the motorcycle towed. 


September 16

Police responded to a Humphrey Street neighbor dispute over the placement of a fence and advised the parties that the matter was civil in nature. 




Police spoke with an Angenica Terrace resident who stated that he’d joined a dating site that required a $50 fee. Payment was to be made through an application called “Cash App,” to which the individual linked two of his accounts–a credit and debit card. He paid the $50 through the app and then over the course of two days noticed that there were fraudulent purchases made via this app from his bank accounts totaling $1,920. He’d been advised by his bank to contact police and file a report.


September 18

At about 5:15 AM police responded to a Creesy Street resident who stated that she wished to report “domestic terrorism.” A male, she claimed, was harassing her and was making everyone sick, including her, via airborne AIDS. The “evidence” she provided to police was a blurry photo of a man. Police advised her to stay away from him and document any harassment. She seemed satisfied and stated that her main reason for calling was to report the male for terrorism. 




At approximately 2:10 PM police were dispatched to a residence on Commercial Street for a report of a roommate dispute over ownership of a cat. 


The calling party explained that his roommate had locked his cat in her room and was refusing to return it, claiming the cat is hers. He stated that in fact the cat belongs to him, is microchipped under his name, and that he pays veterinary bills for the care of the feline.  


The roommate told police that she’s the rightful owner of the cat, which is why she’d locked the cat up in her room. She claimed the prior owner had gifted the cat to her, though she had no documentation to show this. She said she could get such proof at a later date.  


The roommate added that the microchipping was done without her consent or knowledge. Police advised her that while the matter is a civil dispute about which they should communicate with the animal control officer to prove ownership, it appeared that the paperwork indicated that the caller—her roommate—was the rightful owner. 


She returned the cat to him pending her ability to find proof of ownership, but she also added that he was not properly caring for the cat. Police noticed food, water, and a litter box, and noted that the cat appeared to be in good health. 


The female roommate agreed to keep the peace and pursue the matter later with the animal control officer.


September 20

At approximately 7:35 AM the operator of a large vehicle was reportedly turning from Shorewood Road onto West Shore Drive and hit a minor on a bicycle. The driver stated that he hadn’t seen the cyclist. The cyclist's foot was injured in the accident, and she was transported to the hospital by a family member. 


September 21

At approximately 3:00 PM police were dispatched to an Atlantic Avenue residence to speak with a couple. The male stated that he’d sold a car to a third party in April. Four months later, the buyer alleged that there were problems with the vehicle, and the seller wrote a check for $1,900. The buyer continued to report new problems that he wanted the seller to pay for, culminating in threatening texts including one that said that if the seller refused to pay more, the buyer would beat him up. Another party also got involved and reportedly sent additional text messages. 


Police advised the seller on how to obtain a Harassment Prevention Order and advised him to call the police again if the buyer shows up at his home. 




An Abbot Hall volunteer reported to police at approximately 4:00 PM that he’d placed his cell phone on an office desk in the auditorium of the building and gone to the restroom. When he returned the phone was gone. Members of the public are in and out of the building throughout the day. When the volunteer used “Find My iPhone,” it showed that the phone had been turned off, suggesting to him that his phone had been stolen. 


September 22

At approximately 9:30 AM, a motor vehicle accident was reported in the Bailey Square area. A United States Postal Service mail carrier had been struck on Tedesco Street. The male was observed lying on the double yellow center line while being treated by first responders from the Fire Department. An ambulance then transported him to the hospital. 


A visibly shaken man was standing on the side of the road and stated that he’d been traveling inbound on Tedesco Street from the YMCA on Leggs Hill Road and saw the mail carrier at the last minute before striking him, possibly with his right front passenger side. 


Police examined the right front passenger side of the car, and while noting that they are not “auto body expert[s],” said they believed those marks to be old. The driver stated that they were, indeed, old. The driver’s recollection was not necessarily accurate, as a witness and the mail carrier who was struck recalled facts more consistent with being hit on the driver’s side. 


From witness statements it appears that the mailman had attempted to cross Tedesco Street, thinking he had sufficient time, but he then had to stop in the middle to let a car go by, at which point he was hit. 


The weather at the time of the accident was reportedly “atrocious” and included “torrential rains and very dark skies with reduced visibility.”  


September 25

At approximately 4:40 PM, police took a phone report from a man from California. He explained that several months ago he had come across a posting on Craigslist for a house for rent on Overlook Road in Marblehead. He wanted to be closer to his daughter for a few months, so he exchanged multiple emails with the landlord listed on the posting and entered into a lease for the property from September 25, 2022 until December 17, 2022. He wired $5,400 to a bank account given to him by the purported landlord. When he arrived at the property from California, he discovered that it was not, in fact, for rent, and that he’d been scammed. He located a realtor online who had been associated with that address in the past and was advised that multiple people had been scammed from that property. 


Police have been provided with documentation from the victim, and detectives are investigating. 




19 motor vehicle accidents took place between September 8 and September 25, 2022, including hit-and-runs with property damage. 


21 verbal warnings or citations for moving violations were issued between September 8 and September 25, 2022.


Editor’s Note: Marblehead Beacon highlights certain events for publication, which include information obtained from incident, accident, and arrest reports, and on occasion from court documents. We do not attest to the veracity of anything contained in such documents, and only publish redacted versions of what are matters of public record. There will be little to no information regarding specifics in cases of domestic violence, matters pertaining to juveniles, incidents in which an individual is taken into protective custody, and select matters that remain under police investigation.