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Peeing Before Ice Cream, Head-on Collision, and Creepy Birthday Card 

Police Log August 26, 2022 to September 7, 2022


August 26

A Tedesco Street resident reported that he believed the landscapers of his neighbor’s property had shattered his car window. When police ultimately called the landscaping company owner, he stated that he had already spoken with the man whose car was damaged, apologized, and would be handling the matter. 


August 27

A woman reported that a man was crouching near her window.  While she hadn’t noticed him peeking in, she was worried that he would do so. Police located the man in question. He lived nearby and said he had been crouching because he had let his cat out and had to bend down to retrieve the feline when it was time to go back inside. 




At about 10:00 AM a woman came to the station to report that she is a member of the Corinthian Yacht Club, and that over the summer a male employee had befriended children there, including her daughter. According to the woman, the man had stopped working at the CYC about a month prior. She reported that in the intervening time, her daughter had received a birthday card purporting to be signed by this man, and she wanted it to be on the record as she was distressed by what appeared to be this man’s knowledge of her daughter’s birthday and home address. 


August 30

Police responded to Devereux Street at approximately 2:20 PM. A woman reported that she had sold her two adjacent properties on Devereux Street to a man who now resided in the house next to her. She said she still had several days left to vacate the premises. She reported that the man was spraying down the house with a hose and that when she came out to ask him what he was doing, he sprayed her with the hose. 




August 31

Police responded at about 11:15 PM to a report by two juveniles that a man in a car near Devereux Beach had pointed a gun and a red laser at them. They described the driver and his passenger, a female, and noted that they’d had a verbal altercation with the man. When police went to investigate, they found the car with the plate described, but there was no sign of a weapon in the car, and the individuals in the car stated that they were merely there to enjoy the nice view. They did state that another car had been there earlier and had what appeared to be a domestic dispute. 


September 3

 business owner reported that he had video surveillance that showed that an adult male urinated on his building and attempted to shield his face from the camera. The male’s car and plate were documented. This male, he said, had done this on more than one occasion prior to frequenting Terry’s ice cream. 




At approximately 10:15 PM police on proactive patrol at the Star of the Sea Community Center rear parking lot observed a car parked in a “no trespassing” and “no loitering” zone. This is an area that has had multiple instances of vandalism and trash dumps. Police observed smoke coming from the vehicle’s open windows, approached the driver’s side, and smelled burnt marijuana. Police recognized everyone in the vehicle except the driver. The individuals included minors. At first the occupants denied having marijuana, but after police noted their observations, the driver produced an empty grinder and said the smoke was actually from vapes. 


Police asked the driver how old he was, and he responded that he was 24, some of the other occupants were 16, and one was 19. Police asked the driver to get out and spoke to him privately, asking him why he was hanging out in a dark secluded parking lot with juveniles. The man stated that he considers everyone in the car his friends, and that he met them more than two years ago on the basketball court. 


Police explained to the man that it appeared very odd for a 24 year old to be “hanging out” with 16-year-olds, particularly when marijuana, tobacco, or vapes could be involved and he is the only one old enough to legally purchase those items. They further explained that if he was the one providing juveniles with these products he could end up in some serious legal trouble for contributing to the delinquency of a minor and/or furnishing.


The male thanked police and said he still didn’t see anything wrong with hanging out with younger kids. Police advised the group that the parking lot was posted as “no trespassing” and to move along. The man and his friends left. 




A man reported that someone had attempted to fraudulently wire $26,000 from his National Grand Bank account but he realized it before it went through. 




At approximately 8:47 PM, police were dispatched to the Beacon Street and Schooner Ridge area for a report of a loud group of kids in the woods. Police have received similar calls in recent weeks. They proceeded to the trail into the woods that begins on Green Street, which has a clearly marked “no trespassing” sign posted, and waited for Officer DiMare to arrive as back up. Officers walked approximately 100 yards into the woods and found a gathering spot including chairs, a hammock, and significant trash. The group had already left when police arrived. Police removed some of the eye hooks that had been screwed into multiple trees. Police also found a glass bong hidden in a cardboard box behind a tree. They confiscated the bong and discarded multiple lighters that were found in the area.


September 4

At approximately 6:12 PM, police were dispatched to Nonantum Road for a report of vandalism to a boat. The callers stated that the dinghy they keep at the Village Street dock had been vandalized. They escorted police down to the dock where the dinghy was tied up. There was a slice in the hose coming from the engine, and the hose was wrapped around the bottom of the engine and stuffed through a hole in the engine as well. They’d also noticed that several bolts holding the engine to the boat were loose. The owners had not used the boat in approximately one month. They did say that there’d been a note left on the boat about a week ago stating that the bilge pump was squirting water onto the boat next to theirs, but they are familiar with that person and don't believe that he would damage their boat. There was no video of the purported vandalism, so they just wanted it documented. 




Police were dispatched to the area near CVS on Atlantic Avenue for a report of three juvenile females who had stolen two shopping carts around 7:30PM. Police looked in the nearby area surrounding CVS, including Seaside Park, but did not locate the carts. Police then returned to CVS to speak to the manager on duty, who stated that three female juveniles entered the store around 6:54 PM, and then left around 7:25 PM. Another concerned citizen came into the store after they left to notify the manager that the females had just ridden off in two shopping carts that they must have taken from the back parking lot. The manager showed police the video camera footage of the females entering and exiting the store; however the camera did not record them taking the carts. Police could clearly see what two of the three individuals were wearing. (SEE RELATED REPORT ON SEPTEMBER 5) 


September 5

At approximately 8:48 PM a female came to the police station to pick up found property. Earlier that day, a purse found on Beacon Street on the side of the road had been turned in to the police station, and she had been contacted as the owner. When she came to retrieve her purse, she noted that her cell phone was still missing. She further explained that she had attended a house party the evening before. When asked where the party had been, she stated she thought it was in Charlestown but was not certain. She said she’d gone to the party with two female friends she didn’t want to name and a male individual, for whom she provided a name and identified as being from Lawrence. She said he’d driven the three ladies to a party, then gotten into a fight with another male and left abruptly, with her purse and phone still in his car. 


The female further relayed that she contacted the male on Snapchat asking for her belongings, to which he responded that he was “done with this REDACTED,” and then he sent her the location of her belongings on Google maps. The location he specified was on Beacon Street. 


Asked how her purse and phone might have ended up in Marblehead if she’d been partying in Charlestown, she speculated that perhaps he’d tossed her belongings from his vehicle. Police went back to the location on Beacon Street and canvassed it for 20 minutes to no avail. It was both dark and raining at the time. The police informed the female that she'd have to determine where she’d been partying and report the theft of the phone to that municipality’s police department. 




At approximately 6:20 PM, police were dispatched to CVS on Atlantic Avenue for a report that the juvenile females who had allegedly stolen two shopping carts the night before had returned. Police identified themselves and asked the girls to call their parents. 


Police spoke to the first parent, who said that he’d seen them with a cart the night before and advised them to return it immediately. He stated that they had returned the cart. Police advised the father that CVS’s manager did not wish to pursue charges but that the girls are not allowed back in the store unless accompanied by a parent. 


Police then spoke with the mother of one of the other girls and advised her of the same. She stated that she understood. Both left the store, and the manager was informed that the girls were not allowed to come back unless accompanied by a parent. 


September 6

At approximately 6:00 PM police responded to CVS on Atlantic Avenue for a report of juveniles vandalizing the business. When police arrived they spoke with the store manager, who relayed that the two male juveniles have entered his store on multiple occasions. This time they ran up and down the aisles knocking products off the shelves. The manager usually chases them out of the store. This time when he confronted them they ran from the store, but he had brought in the bikes that they’d left outside. He planned to hold on to the bikes until they returned and could be issued a no-trespass order. The boys returned, police spoke with them, and the manager said he’d return the bikes. 


September 7

At approximately 7:57 AM, police were dispatched to Everett Payne Boulevard for a reported head-on motor vehicle accident with injury. Two vehicles were badly damaged and blocking travel on parts of Lafayette Street, and two individuals were being tended to by bystanders outside their vehicles. A witness stated that one of the drivers had seemed to be in an altered state. An officer could hear the driver yelling. 


On the other side of the street the operator of the other vehicle, who was staggering on the roadway and appeared to be bleeding from the facial area, was being tended to by another bystander. When Marblehead Fire arrived to handle the drivers and their injuries, police officers secured the crash scene. A witness told police that he’d been driving behind the first driver (going inbound on Lafayette) and that the driver had crossed the double yellow center lines and struck the oncoming vehicle head-on. According to this witness there’d been no obstruction in the roadway or other reason to cause the vehicle to swerve into oncoming traffic. The witness said he had dashcam video that he ultimately provided to police. 


The driver who hit the other vehicle head-on told police she did not know what happened and could not explain her actions that led to the crash. Police did not observe her to be under the influence of substances. The other driver relayed that he’d tried to get the woman’s attention by honking his horn, and that when he got out of his car after being hit, he was dazed. Criminal charges are pending for the first driver.  




17 motor vehicle accidents took place between August 25 and September 7, 2022, including hit-and-runs with property damage. 


21 verbal warnings or citations for moving violations were issued between August 25 and September 7, 2022.


Editor’s Note: Marblehead Beacon highlights certain events for publication, which include information obtained from incident, accident, and arrest reports, and on occasion from court documents. We do not attest to the veracity of anything contained in such documents, and only publish redacted versions of what are matters of public record. There will be little to no information regarding specifics in cases of domestic violence, matters pertaining to juveniles, incidents in which an individual is taken into protective custody, and select matters that remain under police investigation.