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Marblehead Police Department

Condoms, Kitty Litter, Double Crown Royals, Bike Taunts, & Keygate 

Police Log December 21, 2022 to January 10, 2023


December 21, 2022

9:40 am

Police met with a Marblehead resident who said that his wife and son were threatened via text by a former employee of the resident. The ex-employee had also texted the complainant’s other son with a list of grievances and a vow to “make things right” and “be sure everyone pays for what happened last year.” The complainant wanted the matter documented in the event of any future incidents. 


December 22, 2022

7:45 pm

Officers were dispatched to a Lee Street residence to respond to a report of a man who had been seen on the property earlier in the day in violation of a no-trespass order and an eviction notice. Constables had evicted the male earlier in the day, sealed off the apartment, and posted the eviction notice and no-trespass order on the door. Upon arrival, police listened at the door and could hear someone moving around in the apartment. The eviction notice was no longer on the door. Police knocked and a man opened the door and gave his name, which matched that of the evicted individual. He stated he’d returned to get some personal belongings left behind by the eviction company and claimed that the constables had never served him a no-trespass order. He did admit to police that he had seen the order taped to the door but had removed it and thrown it in the trash. He then retrieved the notice, which was ripped in half, and handed it to police. 


Police contacted the property owner regarding pressing charges, and the owner declined but stated that he would do so if the man were to return to the apartment again. Police advised the man of this, and he stated he understood. He then handed his key to the apartment to police. Police conducted a walk-through and did not notice any damage. They secured the property and escorted the man out. He stated that family members were unwilling to help him and that he did not have a place to go that night, so police informed him of a program that would assist him during this difficult time. 


December 23, 2022

10:15 am 

Police spoke with a Marblehead resident via phone who stated that she’d noticed that morning that someone had fraudulently used her PayPal account to purchase kitty litter and a box of condoms from, and she had canceled the order. She provided police with a name and shipping address on Atlantic Avenue in Marblehead. Police contacted the woman at the address where the condoms and kitty litter were supposed to have been shipped, and the woman said she had not placed the order. She told police her daughter lives with her but had not ordered anything. Police advised the caller to keep an eye on her credit reports. Later that day police were dispatched to the Atlantic Avenue address to pick up a recently-delivered package containing a box of Durex condoms, which police placed into evidence. 


December 24, 2022

7:25 pm

Police were dispatched to the Mai Tai Lounge for a report of a disturbance. Police were told by the manager that a customer had come in and ordered three Crown Royal doubles. But when it came time to settle the bill, he became agitated and argued with the bartender about the price. The bartender took one of the doubles off, replacing it with a single, making the bill $37 rather than $45. The customer left $30 on the bar and then began to cause a scene, said the manager. He was escorted out, and on his way grabbed two dine-in menus from the host stand. The manager attempted to retrieve them, but the customer took off running up Pleasant Street. Police watched the video provided by the manager, and it depicted the manager attempting to get the menus back. He told police he didn’t care about the tab but wanted the menus returned. 


At approximately 7:41 pm the customer called 911 to report being assaulted by staff at the Mai Tai Lounge. Officers went to his address and noted that he appeared very agitated and claimed to have been assaulted by staff for looking at the menu while outside. He contended that he’d only had two drinks–one double Crown and one Coke, and that he’d been significantly overcharged. He then said he’d take police to the location where he had “ditched the menus” and said he wished to apologize to the manager. They all walked to the Mai Tai lounge where he apologized and returned the menus. Then he said he’d be taking the manager to court for assault and said he wished to speak with the Officer in Charge, which police arranged. 


December 29, 2022

10:29 am

Police met with a Recreation and Parks employee to take a vandalism report. Overnight  someone had spray painted on a wooden panel on the bleachers structure at Seaside Park. Additionally, the vandal had tried to break open a door that leads to the area underneath the bleachers. They did not gain access, but did damage the door handle and the locking mechanism. No damage was found inside the structure. 


5:49 PM

Police took a report at the station from a Marblehead resident who stated that she’d been having an issue with her upstairs neighbors. She explained that she had been trying to figure out who would fix the boilers in the two apartments, but one of the neighbors was upset and had sent a text calling her “a scammer.” In addition, she stated that she and her daughter had just returned from a vacation to find that the downstairs boiler was off. She’d texted one of the neighbors to see if they’d shut it off but had not received a response. She also told police that while she’d been away, she’d received notifications that her Google Home was playing Russian music. When she tried to turn it off remotely, the volume was turned up by someone else who apparently had access to her Google Home account. Police advised the complainant that she could obtain a harassment prevention order and recommended that she report any further incidents. 


December 30, 2022

1:25 am 

Police were dispatched to Broughton Road for a report of a crying baby. Upon arrival they could hear a child’s cry coming from a second-floor bedroom. After knocking on both the front and rear doors and receiving no answer, police decided to see if the doors were unlocked before seeking help from Marblehead Fire. The front door was unlocked, and when police received approval to enter the residence for a well-being check on the occupants, they walked in and announced themselves, clearing the first floor before making their way upstairs, where they located a crying baby in one of the bedrooms. In the second bedroom they discovered an adult female asleep in the bed. Police called out to her several times before she responded. She was confused about the police presence, and they explained that a neighbor had called in about the crying baby. She stated that she was exhausted after being up with the baby for several nights, as the baby had been sick. After making sure the residents appeared fine, police left. 


January 2, 2023

3:45 pm

Officers were dispatched to Village Plaza for a report of a disturbance between parties after a road rage incident. Police spoke with the male caller, who reported that he was driving inbound on Pleasant Street when a juvenile on a bicycle swerved into the middle of his lane, forcing him to swerve into the opposite lane in order to avoid striking the cyclist. The driver noted that he came within 20 feet of hitting the juvenile and that, after the near miss, the juvenile began taunting him.


The caller told police that he had then followed the juvenile to Village Plaza to “talk sense into the kid so he didn’t get hurt while riding his bike.” He also said he intended to take the juvenile’s bike to the police station and speak with police. The caller reported that he had followed the juvenile into Village Market, at which point an adult male in the store shoved him and asked if he wanted to fight. Meanwhile, the juvenile left the store and fled on his bike. The adult male, according to the caller, then left and went into the laundromat.


The caller described the juvenile as a black male about 15 years old riding a purple bike and said that the adult male who accosted him was wearing a Kung-Fu sweatshirt and colored shorts. 


Police spoke with the man who had allegedly shoved the caller, and he stated that he hadn’t shoved him but had gotten between him and the juvenile when the man had threatened to take the child's bike. He stated that he had no idea what had transpired between the two but felt it was inappropriate to threaten a child. 


Police advised the caller that he could go to Lynn District Court and file a simple battery charge if he wished to. Also, they let him know that the law allows police to address bicyclists who violate road rules and recommended that if he witnesses such behavior in the future, he should call the station with a description and direction of travel. Officers would then do their best to locate the party to educate them about the law and potentially even impound the bicycle. The caller reiterated that he was terrified a child was going to get severely hurt or killed, and he really hoped police could offer some education. Police acknowledged that children riding bikes in a dangerous way has become a serious problem in Marblehead.


Officers followed up with Village Market staff, who indicated that they did not have access to the security footage and had not seen any fights on the premises.


12:47 pm

A caller stated that a woman with a bong was on Elm Street, but she could not be located. 


January 4, 2023

1:13 pm

Police spoke with a complainant at the station who reported that her credit card had been used to purchase items from Victoria’s Secret. After she confirmed that nobody in her family had made the purchase, she alerted the credit card company and was issued a new card. She was not charged for the purchase. But it happened again. Two additional times, both on the first of the month, someone used her credit card to purchase items from Victoria’s Secret. She was issued a new card after each incident, but it continued to occur, with charges in the amounts of $128.60, $189.60, and $199.09. Police contacted Victoria’s Secret and were advised to send  a request on official letterhead detailing the information required to pursue their investigation. The complainant was told to monitor her financial records, and the matter was sent to the Criminal Investigation Division for further review.


8:43 pm

Police were dispatched to a Reed Street residence, where the homeowner explained that he had been in a dispute with his contractor about unfinished work. He stated that while he knows that the $4,000 dispute is a civil matter, he wanted advice about ongoing harassment from the contractor. The contractor, he said, has been sending him and his wife harassing text messages and also driving by his home and honking repeatedly. Police advised the homeowner about how to obtain a harassment prevention order. 


January 6, 2023

6:15 pm

Police spoke at the station with a Marblehead resident who noticed that $600 in an unauthorized transfer had been made on one of his bank accounts. He believed it was his ex-wife who made the transfer. Police forwarded the report to the Criminal Investigation Division. 


10:56 pm 

Police responded to an opioid overdose on Heritage Way. 


January 8, 2023

4:00 pm 

Police were dispatched to Cornell Road to speak with a reporting party who stated that, two nights prior, she’d heard a loud bang outside. She had looked out the window but did not see anything. The next morning, however, she noticed that a tree had been knocked over in front of her house, and the following morning she noticed car parts strewn about. Police went to a neighbor’s home to ask if their Ring doorbell camera might have relevant footage. The neighbor said she’d check. Meanwhile, police were able to retrieve a serial number from one of the car parts, as well as the make and color of the car. Of the five registered vehicles that fit the description, four were tracked down initially but showed no damage. The fifth was registered to a vehicle in Beverly. Beverly police tracked that vehicle down and it, too, had no visible damage. The parts were placed in the property room. 


January 9, 2023

11:18 am 

Police took a report at the station. The reporting party stated that she’d been away from her Sewell Street home from the prior Thursday until Sunday and her niece had been looking after the residence while she was gone. The niece had found a set of keys on the table during her stay and asked her aunt if she was aware of who they belonged to. The aunt reached out to the house cleaner, who looked at the photo of the keys and said she had not seen them when she was cleaning. The only people known to be in the home were the aunt, the niece, and the house cleaner. The aunt checked security footage but didn’t see anything.


Next, the aunt decided to call the Plymouth fitness studio listed on the gym membership card attached to the keys. The gym gave her a phone number, which she reverse searched to get the individual’s name. She also called the number and left a voicemail message. She heard back via text, but the individual would not identify himself. He simply said h he had lost his keys in Brighton and did not know how they ended up in Marblehead. 


The aunt sent him a photo of the keys, and he responded “yeah I’m pretty sure.”  He asked her to drop them off at the police station. It was at this point, the aunt explained, that  she noticed a Tiffany chain bracelet, valued at $350, that she’d planned to return was missing from her house. 


Police contacted the person the aunt had been texting with and left him a voicemail message. In the meantime, the aunt learned that, although she’d asked her niece if perhaps she’d accidentally taken the wrong keys from somewhere and the niece had insisted she hadn’t, it turned out that in fact the niece learned from a friend she’d visited in Boston that she had taken the wrong keys. Additionally, the aunt learned that the Tiffany bracelet was not missing, but that her daughter had it. Police are going to return the keys when they hear back from the owner. 


4:02 pm 

Police were dispatched to a Creesy Street residence. They met with two women. One explained that she had a black Michael Kors jacket with fur trim. The jacket had been hanging on the back of her door and was now missing. A Samsung smart phone, a blue vape, a set of keys, mints, and a debit card had been in the jacket’s pockets. She stated that she’d left the front door to the apartment open with the jacket hanging on the back of the door. She then went to the back of the apartment to clean up one of her dogs and heard the front door shut while she was inside. She noticed the jacket was missing and asked her neighbor about it, and the neighbor admitted to shutting the front door but stated that she had not taken the jacket. A short time later the Samsung phone was placed on the floor outside of the complainant’s apartment. There were no witnesses or any video footage of the event.


Police spoke with the neighbor who explained that she had shut the complainant’s door because when she went to take her dog out, she noticed it was open with an unattended dog sitting on the couch. She closed it so the two dogs would not get into an altercation. She then told police they could search her house for the jacket, which they did. They found two jackets matching the description, neither of which belonged to the complainant. Police returned the jackets to the neighbor, and a finger printing was done on the phone, but no usable prints were found. The latent prints were mostly smudges and smears The phone was returned to the complainant.


11:20 pm

Police responded to an opioid overdose on Washington Street. 


January 10, 2023

9:32 AM

While in his cruiser in plain sight at Smith and Pleasant Streets, monitoring traffic for red light violations, an officer observed a truck go through the intersection several seconds after the light turned red. He activated his blue lights, pulled the vehicle over, and asked the driver for her license and registration. She asked why she’d been pulled over, and the officer told her about the red light. She said there’d been turkeys in the road, and she had to go around them. The officer again asked for her license and registration. The driver appeared agitated and restated the turkey information. The officer noted he had not observed any turkeys in the area. Upon returning to his cruiser, he was advised by dispatch that the driver had a valid license but her insurance had been revoked. A lieutenant arrived on the scene and agreed that per department policy, the car needed to be towed. The first officer wrote a citation and called for a tow truck. 


When police informed the driver that her insurance had been revoked and the vehicle needed to be towed, she stated that the vehicle was new and she was positive it was insured. Police told her that the Massachusetts Registry of Motor Vehicles did not have her as insured but that if she could provide proof of insurance they could revisit the towing. She was upset that she hadn’t been given more time to find her insurance. 


When the driver called the officer back to show him proof of insurance, it was actually a screenshot of what looked like a sales receipt and not valid proof of insurance. The driver remained argumentative, and police explained that she needed to exit the vehicle so the tow process could begin. She was also handed her paperwork and citation and offered a ride, which she declined. She began walking down the street. The tow truck operator said that he needed to roll up the windows to protect the vehicle, and so asked the woman to come back and provide the key. She returned to the car but could not find the key right away and became flustered, saying, “I can’t find it. I need a moment" repeatedly. She then started yelling, "Stop looking at me!" and "You’re crowding me!" Police were standing three and ten feet away, respectively, and were trying to keep the driver from walking into traffic, which she had appeared at risk of doing earlier when she first walked away from the car. After several minutes, she said that she wasn’t able to locate the keys and stated, "This has been a most unpleasant experience" and "No wonder why everyone hates police officers."



15 motor vehicle accidents took place between December 21, 2022 and January 10, 2023, including hit-and-runs with property damage


13 verbal warnings or citations for moving violations were issued between December 21, 2022 and January 10, 2023


Editor’s Note: Marblehead Beacon highlights certain events for publication, which include information obtained from incident, accident, and arrest reports, and on occasion from court documents and first responders. We do not attest to the veracity of anything contained in such documents, and only publish redacted versions of what are matters of public record. There will be little to no information regarding specifics in cases of domestic violence, matters pertaining to juveniles, incidents in which an individual is taken into protective custody, and select matters that remain under police investigation.